Why WebHostByte?


These benefits can be found when partnering with WebHostByte for your hosting needs.

  • Pricing - Competitive pricing. In spite of offering the most comprehensive suite of services and features - we offer the lowest price on all our services. Our volume based pricing allows you to compete in the market and maximize your margins.
  • Experience - all our services are backed by 10 years of computer, internet and intranet experience.
  • Support Services - your support questions can be handled 24/7 via several forms of communication including but not limited to live phone support, voice mail support, live text chat support, and e-mail support.
  • Infrastructure - A network designed around our customers and there hosting, built and designed by experienced system and network engineers to be scalable on demand with implemented redundancy for failure resistance.

Our mission

WebHostByte .com is one of few It Service providers that offers professional IP Infrastructure  services for the email marketing Industry. The email marketing industry is one of the most profitable industries worldwide, with more then 650 billion dollars of annuals turnovers

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited emails
  • No Server shutdown